Bualoy is Theology Department Head

By Jnm, 2016-05-16

Pastor Restituto Bualoy, Bible teacher and church pastor of Naga View Adventist College Church from 2011-2013 is currently the head of the Theology Department this school year 2014-2015.

Bualoy mentioned some of the goals he has for the Theology students, saying, "I want the Theology majors to realize the sacredness of their calling and maintain a good example in their academic studies, leadership responsibilities, and extra-curricular activities, even including the way they live their personal lives. I also want them to raise a high standard in their grades."

Under the leadership of Pastor Bualoy, the 4th and 1st year Theology students will be participating in leadership activities on the campus, with the 4th year Theology students refining their leadership by helping the 1st year learn to take on leadership activities in the Church and Spiritual Activities on campus. The 2nd and 3rd year Theology students will be going off the campus to do their ministry and outreach activities in the nearby communities of Panicuason, Carolina and San Isidro.

In accordance with the goals of the ministerial students to become exemplary and good stewards, the department has already began implementing a "No Littering Campaign" on the campus, which is hoped to help the campus maintain its beauty and cleanliness.

He further said that he feels comfortable with his new position as department head and that he is ready and willing to take any responsibility given him and to do it with all of his might.


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