Happy Marriage Deserves The Best

By By Mr. & Mrs. Abraham B. Azupardo, Jr., 2016-05-10

"February 15, 2015 was the most significant, memorable, and loveliest night," said some attendees to the Adventist Couples' Dinner Date at the Green Earth's Café and Restaurant, Concepcion, Naga City, the purposes of which were to rekindle the couples' love for each other, have a break exclusively from the hustle and bustle of household and school responsibilities and enjoy the "Hearts' Day."

In this prestigious vegetarian restaurant owned by Mr. & Mrs. Jose Arnel Obias, ardent members of NVAC Church, the funniest "kalog" presentation of each life partner was done, song titled "Love Will Be Our Home" was rendered by Pr. & Mrs. Luther Bendanillo, the "Five Languages of Love" was introduced by Mr. & Mrs. Azupardo, and a couple's game was played in which couples Bualoy, Llagas and Bendanillo won and received simple prizes.

The special moment was highlighted by the signing of the Re-Affirmation of Love which was followed by the Slicing of Cake, Toasting of Wine (grape juice) and Exchanging of sweet kisses from each couple.

The couples who enlisted in this activity were Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Azupardo, Jr., Pr. & Mrs. Resty Bualoy, Engr. & Dr. Jenehlo Frias, Mr.& Mrs. Ben Capio, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Uy, Pr. & Mrs. Luther Bendanillo, Pr. & Mrs. Nudson Llagas, Pr. & Mrs. Beny Perdon, Pr. & Mrs. Lani Esteves, Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Mendoza, Mr. & Mrs. Danilo Gonzalgo, Mr. & Mrs. Ely Carranza, Mr. & Mrs. Nova Joy Valenzuela, Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Tarala, Pr. & Mrs. Salvador Molina (in absentia) and Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Nel Navaro.


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