1. Old accounts, if any, should be settled before enrol- ment.
  2. Graduating student must settle his/ her accounts before being accepted to enroll for the second semes- ter.
  3. Music/ tutorial lessons, excess in laundry, property damage and others are to be paid in cash.
  4. On dropping of the student:
    • Within the first week of classes-20% of tuition must be paid.
    • After two weeks of classes regardless of whether or not the student has actually attended classes the tuition must be paid in full. (Manual RPS P432 s-66, 2002)
  5. Room reservation shall be equivalent to one-month dormitory rental and paid by the student who wishes to stay in the dormitory. Prior approval from the Dean of Student Affair (DSA) must be made before reservation is made. The reservation fee is non-refundable. However, it will be deducted against the dormitory assessment.

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  1. Nelson Scholarship for needy, missionary-minded, hard working and academically deserving college students.

  2. NVAC and SLM Scholarships are awarded to the top four academy freshmen entrance test takers. Students shall maintain a grade not lower than 85% every year.

  3. Academic Performance Scholarship. First & Second Most Outstanding students (Valedictorian or Salutatorian) from any public & private school are entitled to free tuition and 50% discount, respectively. Scholarship may be availed as long as they do not have a grade below 85%.

  4. Student Assistance Fund for Education Programs (SAFE-CHED). A loan that can be availed by the junior or senior education students.

  5. Education Service Contracting (for academy students)

  6. Literature Ministry Scholarship (for students who join the summer and spare times in the colporteur ministry)

  7. Faculty and Staff Scholarship.

  8. Private/personal sponsorships.


    • Five percent on tuition and board upon payment in cash during registration

    • Free tuition for the fourth child (youngest for families with four or more students.

    • Cafeteria Discounts. For three students in the family, the youngest gets 50% discounts on board; for four students, the youngest gets 75% and for five students, the fifth gets 100% discount.


The school offers work opportunities for students who want to earn labor credits for their tuition.

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